Attributes refer to the characteristics or qualities that describe a specific product being sold online. These attributes can include various features such as material, weight, dimensions, brand, model number, and more. Product attributes provide detailed information about the product to customers, helping them make informed purchase decisions. In addition, product attributes can impact search engine optimization (SEO), making it easier for products to appear in relevant search results.

Attributes can be used as an additional filter option on filter pages, thus helping users to narrow down the products to better help them find the products they are looking for.

Adding an Attribute

  1. Click on Catalogue > Attributes

  2. Click on the Create Button

  3. Give your Attribute set a name and a description (Remember that this is the group name for your attribute set)

  4. Click the Attributes Tab

  5. Click the Create Button

  6. Give your attribute a name and prompt

  7. Select a type from the dropdown

  8. Click on the Values Tab

  9. Enter your Attribute values

  10. Click on the Submit Button

  11. Click on the Create Button

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