Messages are direct communications that the merchant can send to their customers. It will allow the merchant, through the back office, to send a message to an individual or group of customers. The customers will get an email notification that they have received a message and will be able to access the message in the customer dashboard.

The merchant can use these messages to communicate directly with customers about their orders or even send the customers' promo codes and inform them about other promotions.

How to Create a Message

  1. Click on Marketing > Messages

  2. Click on the Create Icon

  3. Select a store that this message should be sent to

  4. Add a subject and Message you would like to send

  5. Search for a Recipient that you want to send the message to. You can search by name or email

  6. Click Add once you have a recipient. You can add multiple Recipients if required

  7. Click on Save to send the message

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