Product families are groups of products that are related to each other in some way. These products share similar characteristics, features or functions and are often differentiated by specific variations such as size, colour or material.

Here is an example of product families:

  1. Clothing: This product family might include items like shirts, pants, dresses, and jackets. Each of these categories could be further broken down into subcategories based on things like style, colour or material.

  2. Electronics: Within this product family, you might find items like smartphones, laptops, tablets and headphones. Each of these categories could be further broken down based on brand, features or price.

Adding a Product Family

  1. Click On Catalogue > Families

  2. Click on the Create Button

  3. Give your Product Family a name and then click Create

  4. Click The Add New Dimension Button

  5. Give your new dimension a name

  6. Select a Type from the drop-down

  7. Add a new value

  8. Add a Value (What the Group is)

  9. Then add the metadata (What the client will see on the front end)

  10. Once you have added all the dimensions, click Save Changes

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