A Category Tree is a hierarchical structure that organises and categorises products in an online store. The tree typically starts with broad categories at the top and becomes increasingly specific as you move down the tree.

Here is an example of a Category Tree:

  • Clothing

    • Men's Clothing

      • Shirts

        • T-Shirts

        • Dress Shirts

      • Pants

        • Jeans

        • Dress Pants

In this example, the top-level category is "Clothing" and it is divided into three subcategories: "Men's Clothing", "Women's Clothing" and "Kids' Clothing". Each of these subcategories is then further divided into more specific categories such as "Shirts", "Pants" and "Dresses". And each of those categories are further divided into even more specific subcategories such as "T-Shirts" or "Evening Dresses".

Adding a Category

  1. Click on Catalogue > Categories

  2. Select the Create Button

  3. Enter the Category Details

  4. Click the Save Button

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