Sign-Up Settings

The sign-up settings allow the merchant to apply restrictions or update how their customers register on their online store. The merchant will be able to turn on and adjust the following features: Sign-up - What kind of customers can register, be it Individual, Corporate or both.

Verify Email - On registration, a one-time password is set so that we can verify that the email address used on registration is real.

Approval - Allows the merchant to approve anyone that registers before they can use the website. Allows the merchant to set what accounts need approval and to whom the approval email gets sent.

Age Restriction - The merchant can set whether customers must enter their birthday when registering and set the minimum age customers have to be. Mainly used on websites that sell alcohol.

Social Login - Allows the merchant to turn on the ability for customers to register using Facebook. They must have set up Facebook login in the login methods first.

Whitelist Email Domains - Allows the merchant to allow only email addresses with certain domains to register. (Example of a domain: The merchant is able to add multiple domains separated by a comma.

How to Update Sign-Up Settings

  1. Click on the store you want to update the sign-up setting for

  2. Click on Manage Store Setting under Settings

  3. Under sign up click on Sign-Up Settings

  4. Toggle on and off the settings that you want active and update the fields with the relevant information

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