Companies are groups of consumers who have created an account to make purchases or engage with online shopping activities. Once part of a company, a consumer can switch from one account to the other. Companies allow corporate clients to group their employees into one account so that they can make purchases on the company's behalf. An owner can be assigned to the company's account to approve an order made by the other members.

The advantage of this is that while consumers can still buy under their Individual accounts, they can also switch to the company account and see different selling prices, payment methods and even different products.

Adding a Company Account

  1. Click on Customers > Companies

  2. Click on the Create Icon

  3. Click Company Details at the top of the page

  4. Enter the Company Name and Number if you have one

  5. Click on Contact Details at the top of the page

  6. Enter the email address associated with the Company

  7. Click on Members at the top of the page

  8. Click on the Create Button

  9. Fill in the email address of the member, choose a type from the dropdown, Choose an approval method from the dropdown and click okay *This member doesn't need to be registered on the website

  10. Click the Save Changes Button

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