The Sales Section offers merchants the ability to manage the statuses of Orders, Coupons, Gift Cards and Customer Wallets.


This application manages all the orders that customers have placed on the e-commerce store. It allows the store to view and process orders, update order status and track shipments. It also helps in managing returns, cancellations and refunds.


This application allows the e-commerce store to create and manage digital coupons for customers. Store owners can create coupons such as third-party merchant coupons for goods or services and/or coupons for their services and goods.

Gift Cards

This application allows customers to purchase and send gift cards to their friends and family. The e-commerce store can create different types of gift cards with varying values. Customers can redeem gift cards in the store to purchase products.


This application allows customers to store and manage their digital wallet balance. Merchants can add funds to the customer's wallet using different payments using the Back Office. The e-commerce store can also offer incentives to customers by adding funds to their wallets after spending a pre-determined value.

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