Store Price Lists

Merchants are able to create multiple price lists that can be linked to different client accounts. The merchant can use this function to create pricelists as a marketing tool to encourage clients to purchase more. An example of this would be a pricing tier of gold, silver and bronze with gold having the lowest prices. The merchant can decide on a spending amount that would move clients from one price list to the next. Merchants can also provide different pricelists to corporate clients that have slightly better prices than the default pricelist to encourage consumer loyalty.

How to Add an Additional Price List

  1. First, you will need to make sure you set up a Customer Group

  2. Then select a Store you wish to add a pricelist to

  3. Click on View to see your price lists or click on Create to create a new pricelist

  4. Click on the Create Icon

  5. Enter a name for your price list

  6. Select a Customer Group/s you would like to link the new price list too

  7. Choose whether you would like to enable all products or if you would like to do this manually

  8. Before you click create, toggle whether you would like to have the price list active or as a draft

  9. Click Create

  10. Go through the products on your list and update the prices as you would like and toggle whether products are on or off

  11. There is no Save Button, your changes will be saved automatically

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