Vendors are third-party suppliers whose products the merchant sells on their online store.

Refer third-party suppliers to businesses or individuals who sell products on an online marketplace that is not owned or operated by them. These vendors may offer a wide range of products or services. E-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Takealot often allow third-party suppliers to list their products on their websites, providing customers with a broader selection of goods and services to choose from. The merchant of the online store adds the products supplied by the Vendors and adds them using the selling price of the Vendor as the cost price on the online store and then adds their mark up which allows the system to work out the selling price on the store.

Once a Vendor is set up and products have been added, the merchant will be able to quickly see product details like Cost Price and On Hand Stock.

Adding a Vendor

  1. Click on Catalogue > Vendors

  2. Click on the Create Button

  3. Fill in the Vendors details

  4. Click the Create Button

Once a vendor is set up, you will be able to edit products and add the vendor on the product.

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