News refers to a section or feature within the online store that contains regularly updated articles or posts related to the products, industry, or other relevant topics. You might be thinking that this sounds just like blogs and you would be correct. The news section was created for merchants that would like to keep certain information in different sections. A merchant may be using blogs to provide customers with product information while using the News section as a section to provide updates on the Company or Industry.

How to Add a News Article

  1. Scroll down to the store menu and click on the Store name you wish to add a content page to

  2. On the store Home Page, you can click directly on news under content

  3. Click on the Create Icon

  4. Click on the Create Button under News

  5. Enter your news details and click Create

  6. You will now have a blank news page. To edit this news page, click Edit in the top right of the blog

  7. From this menu, you will be able to drag and drop grids and parts (Widgets) onto the news page

  8. Once you have added all your grids and parts, you can start adding the content

  9. After adding your content, click Publish in the top right of the blog to take your content live

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