Formatting Images For Bulk Upload

Pictures are associated with their corresponding products by matching either the file name or the folder name to a product SKU e.g.

  • A file named "bag-612.jpg" it will be matched to a product with the SKU "bag-612".

  • A folder named "bag-612" will match all pictures inside this folder (irrespective of their file name) to a product with the SKU "bag-612". The first picture when sorted alphabetically is considered the cover picture for the product.

  • A file or folder name ending with the ~ (tilde) character is considered a wildcard match and the picture(s) will be associated with multiple products where the SKU matches the wildcard pattern i.e. a file named "shirt-123-blue~.jpg" will match multiple products with the SKUs "shirt-123-blue-small", "shirt-123-blue-medium" and "shirt-123-blue-large".

Drag multiple files or a folder into the drop zone to start your upload

  • The bulk upload supports picture files in PNG and JPG format

  • Each picture file must be 5MB or less and 5MP or less

  • The upload supports a maximum of 3000 pictures per upload

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