Orders Status Page

The Order Status Page is where the merchant will be able to manage orders placed by clients or created by Back Office users. Merchants can view Order Numbers, Creation Dates, Customer Names, Order Totals, the Store the order was placed with, Shipping Method, Payment Status, Shipping Status and Order Status. Merchants will be able to create new orders from this page.

Order Number

The Order Number is a sequential number starting with ORD that is generated by the system. The merchant and clients can use this number to track the status of the orders placed. The merchant can easily search for orders based on this order number.


This is the date that the order was created. This does not mean that the order has been paid, it just means that the client has created an order by going from check out to the payment merchant. The client will still be able to wait and pay for the order within the expiry period.


This is the name of the client that has placed the order.


This is the total order amount including any discounts and delivery costs.


This is the name of the store that the order was placed with. If you are a single store then this is not important, but if you have multiple stores, this will let you know which store to fulfil the order for.

Shipping Method

This will inform you of the shipping method that the client chose on checkout to use.

Payment Status

This will inform you if an order has been paid, partially paid or not paid.

Shipping Status

This will tell you the shipping status of the order. If you have not integrated with a logistics company, you will need to update this manually in the fulfilment section of the order. If you have integrated with a shipping method, the shipping status should update automatically.

Order Status

This will tell you what status the order is in. There are a few different types of statuses that will all indicate where the order is in the process. Below are the basic statuses:

  • Pending: A client has created an order but has not made a payment or has only made a partial payment.

  • Expired: A client has not paid for the order within the allotted time.

  • Processing: The order has been paid for in full and needs to be fulfilled.

  • Completed: The order has been processed and shipped/collected.

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