Look and Feel

The Look and Feel Section is where the merchant can manage the website template and customise it to fit their Corporate Identity. The Look and Feel Section allows merchants to browse the different templates available, publish them to their store and do basic customisation or advanced customisations.

How to Add and Customise a New Template

  1. Click on the Store name that you wish to add a template

  2. Click on Look and Feel

  3. Click on Browse Themes

  4. Once you have found the Template you like, click Install

  5. Under the title More Themes, you will see the name of the theme you just added. Click on Customise

  6. You can update the colours and fonts on the Basic Customisation tag or you can edit the code on the Advanced Customisation Tab

  7. Once you are happy, click on Save

  8. Navigate back to Look and Feel and click Publish to take the theme live

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