The import functionality allows the merchant to bulk import products instantly rather than going through the system and adding them one by one. This allows the merchant to put all of their products in a CSV sheet in their own time and then upload them all at once. The merchant can also use the import function to bulk update already existing products. Using different import profiles the merchant can select which section of a product to update and which sections to ignore.

Click here to download the Import Sheet with examples.

How to Import Products

  1. Fill in the Import sheet and save it as .csv

  2. Click on System

  3. Select Import

  4. Click on the Create Icon in the top right of the page

  5. This will take you to the profile select page. You will need to create a profile if you have not already. Click on the Create Icon in the top right of the page again

  6. Enter a profile name. Try to use a description that you will recognise in the future. If you are doing a bulk import of new products you can use a Name of New Product Imports for example

  7. From the Plugin drop down select Basic Goods Products

  8. You do not need to enter or edit any of the other details under Profile

  9. Edit the Basic Goods Product Settings so that it will only import the details you wish. You do not need to update this section if you are importing new products

  10. Click Create once you are happy, this will take you back to the import page with the profile selected

  11. Choose the file you wish to upload

  12. Click Okay

  13. Click on Validate, this will go through your import sheet and look for errors. If there are errors, the system will let you know what line they are on and what they are

  14. Once validated, the system will ask you to commit. Click on Commit to upload your products

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