Navigation in an online store refers to the functionality that allows customers to browse and move around the store to find and access different products, categories, and sections. It encompasses the design, layout and interactive elements that help users navigate through the online store efficiently and easily. The Navigation Section will allow the merchant to update the main navigation and the footer navigation on the front end of the online store.

How to Add a Navigation Item

  1. Scroll down to the store menu and click on the Store name you wish to add a content page to

  2. Click on View under navigation

  3. Select the main menu or footer menu depending on which one you would like to edit

  4. You can edit a menu item or create a new one. if you would like to create a new one, click on Add Menu Item

  5. Give the menu item a title

  6. Select a menu item from the drop-down and then enter the details that show

  7. Click on the Add Button at the bottom right of the page

  8. You can drag and drop the menu item into position or under another menu item to create a sub-menu item

  9. Once you are finished you can click Save

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