Multi-buy is a promotional offer used by online stores to encourage customers to purchase multiple items at once. This type of promotion typically offers a discount or a special price when a customer buys a specific number of items.

The most common type of multi-buy is "buy one, get one free," where a customer can purchase one item and receive another item of the same kind for free. Another type of multi-buy is offering a percentage discount on the total price when a customer purchases multiple items, such as buy three items and get 20% off.

How to Add a Multibuy

  1. Click on Promotions > Multi-Buys

  2. Click on the Create Button

  3. Select which Store you wish to apply the multi-buy belongs to

  4. Enter the Multi-buy name

  5. Add Valid to and from dates

  6. Select a multi-buy option

  7. Configure your multi-buy once the option appears

  8. Once you are done, add your matching and excluding criteria

  9. Click on Create

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