Bulk Pictures

The merchant will be able to Bulk Import images directly to the products. This means that once the merchant has bulk imported their products they can easily add the product images without going through each product in the system.

The merchant will need to first format their images into the correct format before they can start a Bulk Image Upload. Please click here to view how to format your images.

How to Bulk Import Images

  1. Format images ready for import

  2. Click on System

  3. Select Bulk Pictures

  4. Drag and drop or click and select the folder with the images you wish to upload

  5. Select Merge if you are adding additional images to a product or replace if you want to replace the images currently connected to the products. Select either or if the products don't currently have images

  6. Wait for images to upload and then import them to products

  7. The screen will refresh once the import is completed

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