A Page on an online store is a webpage that provides information about the store, its products and related activities. A page is designed to inform and educate customers about something specific.

A few examples of a Page would be a Privacy Policy, About Us Page, Contact Us Page or a Specials Page. Basically, content pages on an online store are designed to inform, educate and engage visitors, giving them useful information to help customers make informed purchasing decisions.

How to Add a Page

  1. Scroll down to the store menu and click on the Store name you wish to add a content page to

  2. On the store Home Page, you can click directly on pages under content

  3. Click on the Create Icon

  4. Click on the Create Button under pages

  5. Enter your Page Details and click Create

  6. You will now come to a blank page. To edit this page, click Edit at the top right of the page

  7. From this menu, you will be able to drag and drop grids and parts (Widgets) onto the page

  8. Once you have added all your grids and parts, you can start adding the content

  9. After adding your content, click Publish in the top right of the page to take your content live

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