Discounts on an online store refer to the reduced prices that customers can get on the products or services being offered by the store. Online stores often offer discounts as a promotional strategy to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and increase sales.

Discounts get applied automatically when products are added to the customer's cart.

How to Add a Discount

  1. Click on Promotions > Discounts

  2. Click on the Create Button

  3. Select the store you wish to add the discount to

  4. Give the Discount a Name

  5. Enter a value of an amount or percentage

  6. Choose an Option of Percentage and Amount from the drop-down

  7. Enter the valid to and from dates

  8. Enter a maximum discount value if there is one

  9. Next, we want to add Matching and Excluded Criteria

  10. Select the Create Button on the Matching Criteria

  11. Select a Criteria Type and click next

  12. Fill in the fields that appear and click Add

  13. Once you have added your matching and excluding criteria, click Create

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