Create an Order

  1. Click on the Create Icon in the top right-hand corner

  2. Select a Store you want to create the order for

  3. Add products to the order: a. Add a Custom Item (This is a product that does not exist in your current catalogue): i. Click Add Custom Item ii. Enter an item name iii. Enter the Item Quantity (the quantity that will be ordered) iv. Enter a Price (Including VAT/Tax) v. Select if the product is taxable and if the item requires shipping vi. Select Apply to add the product to the order

b. Adding a Product that already exists in your current Catalogue: i. Click Browse ii. Search for the product/s you wish to add via SKU or product name iii. Select the product/s you wish to add iv. Click Apply once you have selected the products you wish to add to the order

  1. Add Customer Details: a. Click on the Edit Button in the customer block b. Search for the customer's name or email address. (The customer must already be registered on the site) c. Click on Apply once you have selected the customer

  1. Adding a Delivery Address: a. Click on Edit in the Delivery Address Block b. Enter the address details as requested c. Click Apply

  1. Adding Notes: a. Click on Edit in the notes Block b. Enter the notes that need to be made for this order c. Click Apply

  1. Adding Discounts and Shipping: a. Click on the three dots in the top right on the Payment Pending Block b. Click on Edit Discount or Edit Shipping i. Discounts: 1. Choose whether to discount an amount or percentage from the dropdown 2. Enter the Amount/Discount you wish to add 3. Click Apply

ii. Shipping: 1. Select the shipping option you wish to apply from the dropdown. 2. Enter the Shipping Cost 3. Click Apply

  1. To send the order to the customer click the share button in the top right

  2. Copy the link and send it to the customer to make a payment

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